Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back on 2009

Since I lazily put my blog address at the bottom of our Christmas cards rather than writing a letter, I decided I should post something for anyone that decides to check. So, here it is: 2009 at the Buhler's house. (For those that read regularly, I'm going to keep this as the top entry until January 1, so look below for updated posts.)

In January, we attended a Scottish evening with Bill's parents. Bill wore his kilt, which he has from his mission in Scotland:

In February, Sandy became more civic-minded as she joined me at:

And I got more creative in finding ways to entertain her while I got everything done:

Here is a family picture from March:

In April, Bill and I celebrated our third anniversary. We also had lots of visitors in town to see my Grandpa get married:
And my sister and brother-in-law graduate:

While everyone was in town we got a four-generation picture with my dad and his parents:

Sandy's cousin Lexie was also in town. They are 1 month apart. So, we had to find matching Easter dresses:

I celebrated my first official Mother's Day in May. Here is Sandy with her Great-Grandma Krantz:

Here is Sandy with Grandma Buhler and most of her Buhler cousins:

We also took many trips to the zoo thanks to the family pass my mom gave us for Christmas last year:

Of course, Sandy's favorite animal is still her dog, Sage:

June brought Bill's first official father's day as well:

Here is Sandy with Great-Grandpa Shupe:
We also celebrated Sandy's first birthday:
July brought Independence Day celebrations....
...and Pioneer Day celebrations:

We also attended the first Krantz family reunion:

And got a family picture taken at our Stake Lagoon Day:

In August, we took a road trip:

We went to Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Mount Rushmore:

We visited my parents in South Dakota:

And my grandparents in Colorado:

When we got home, we learned that we are expecting Baby #2!

I turned 29 in September:

Bill got laid off, after 10 years of working for the same company. He got laid off on a Thursday and by Monday he had customers calling him to find out where he'd gone. When he told them what had happened, they asked him to contract for them directly. So, he started his own business: TeKnowledgy, Inc. It's been a success and it seems that the layoff was a blessing in disguise.

We also had our first ultrasound:We had a scare that involved a partially detached placenta and our first trip to the emergency room of the year, but all is okay with the baby now.

In October, Sandy dressed up as a chicken for Halloween:

Bill turned 33 in November:

We also had our second emergency room trip of the year after Sandy swallowed some diabetic medication at a neighbor's house. Nothing like meeting our insurance deductible in November!

She's doing fine now:

In December, we had hoped to go to South Dakota to see my family for Christmas. We weren't able to make it due to weather, but luckily we found out before we went to the airport so we didn't get stuck halfway there.

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


porterpies said...

Busy, fun year! I feel like I'm all catched up on your life in just one post. Wow! Hope you are doing well and feeling great!


Josh, Melissa and Brynn said...

Looks like a great year! I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!