Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shupe Family Christmas Party

We went to the Shupe Family Christmas Party last night. Here is Sandy with Great-Grandpa Shupe:

Sandy was her usually friendly self and happy to go to anyone there. She particularly liked my aunt, Laura, and cousins Kayli and Allie. Here she is with Allie:

Here she is with Mindy, my mom's cousin. I think that makes Mindy my second cousin and I have no idea what relation that is to Sandy.

Of course, there was one person there that Sandy wanted nothing to do with:

Gayla made chocolate peppermint brownies for dessert. They looked fabulous. I had hoped to share one with Sandy, but she ate it all. Can you tell she enjoyed it?


Heather said...

Man, I must look like Santa or something... Sandy never wants to come to me!

Anonymous said...

Your mom's cousin would be your first cousin once removed, and Sandy would be a first cousin twice removed since she's from a different generation.

Children of aunts and uncles are always first cousins, children of great-aunts and great-uncles are second cousins, etc. The "removed" term refers to which generation the cousins belong. This article helps explain it.