Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Celebration

We had a full day yesterday! First, I want to share this video of Sandy going down stairs. Bill has been teaching her and it is a huge relief to me that she can now safely navigate stairs. Sorry for the video quality. Our friend, Jeffery, is the other person in the video. He is 10 years old and came to church with us and then came home after to have lunch with us.

We went to visit Grandpa Shupe. Sandy woke up from a nap just as we pulled up and wasn't sure she was ready to go to Grandpa -- until he pulled out some marshmallows.

Grandpa took Sandy swinging.

Then we went to the Buhler's where we celebrated Doug's birthday as well as Father's Day.

Sandy enjoyed playing with the wrappings after her grandpa was finished opening presents.

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