Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Recap


I turned 33. Look at the amazing lemon-raspberry cheesecake my mother-in-law made.


We went on our ward campout. The girls rode the zip line. Of course our batteries died before we could get many pictures. Here’s Abby ready to go:



And there she goes…..



Pictures of the girls. They really do love each other!

_20130914_152738 _20130914_152752


Bill had a work emergency so we put the girls in the car and drove to Roosevelt. Good thing the girls sleep in the car so well:

_20130916_204907 _20130916_204912

since it was a school night and we didn’t get home until 2 a.m.!


One morning, Abby decided she was a kitty. So this is how she went to daycare:

100_0387 Shoes on her feet, shoes on her hands…


At the last minute, Sandy was switched to half-day kindergarten. I think that’s ultimately a good thing, but it made it difficult to figure out Abby’s schedule. It took us a couple of weeks, but we finally figured out a schedule that I think was inspired! I drop Abby at day care at 8, which gives me just enough time to run Sandy to school by 8:10. Then I park at home and walk around the corner to the office. I can get 2.5 hours of work done at the office before I walk to the school to pick up Sandy at 10:55. Then we walk home, get in the car and pick up Abby at 11:30. It’s working amazingly well!!


Sandy is doing well in kindergarten, but she did bring this paper home that made me laugh:

Sandy A Paper

Check out the second line: apparently making capital A’s was too much work, so she decided to streamline the process….


This baby is in a great position – his head is down and I’m 34 weeks tomorrow. (It will be nice when we agree on a name and I can stop calling him baby!) Abby was feeling him kick and I was explaining to her where his legs were and where his head was. She asked why he didn’t fall out onto the floor and break his head. I looked at her questioningly and then she said, “Does your tummy have a floor?” So, I showed her this picture and we talked about how the baby stays in until it’s time and then he comes out…

Megan Bair Buhler's photo.


Last night for Family Night, we went to the Seven Peaks Fun Center in Lehi. The girls got to try out rock climbing:


They had a blast, they both did really well. Abby didn’t weigh quite enough to come down on the tension rope, so she had a rope tied to her back so we could pull her down. Abby stuck with it and climbed all the way to the top: