Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Recap

We went to Bill’s mission reunion:



Bill & I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.



We went out to breakfast at Penny Ann’s Cafe. Check out the hot chocolate they brought me:

_2013-04-06 08.38.34 


We played with lots of play dough. Kind of random, but as I dug through the pictures on my phone from April almost half of them were of different play dough creations.

_2013-04-16 13.00.50

Abby made some spectacular messes. A last ditch effort to ensure the terrible twos are memorable?


Liquid eye shadow makes great war paint, don’t you think?

_2013-04-26 19.23.16

Bill normally makes the girls breakfast on Saturday mornings. This particular Saturday morning Abby woke us up at 6 by jumping on our bed and saying, “The sun is up! The sun is up! I want scrambled eggs for breakfast.” We both rolled over, waiting to see who would cave first and get up with her. After a few minutes, I got up and went into the kitchen to find this:

_2013-04-27 07.47.22

She had very carefully cracked eggs for her scrambled eggs. She just forgot a bowl.


And there was the day I came into the bathroom to find this:

_2013-04-29 18.45.41

She cut her bangs completely off:

_2013-04-29 18.46.05

Good things she’s so adorable when she’s sleeping:

_2013-04-30 19.00.36

Friday, April 26, 2013


Apr 18 2013

We are expecting a baby on or around November 5 (which makes me 12 weeks pregnant).

This has been an emotional roller coaster of a pregnancy and there have been four times that I was sure it was over, yet every time the ultrasound has shown the baby is still doing well. I’ve had pretty good reasons for being concerned, like the subchorionic hemorrhage I had last Thursday night (just hours after the ultrasound picture above).

Here is the ultrasound from last Friday showing the subchorionic hemorrhage, and the baby still doing well:



I had one when I was pregnant with Abby – and although it was very scary, it turned out okay. There was a lot more bleeding with this one. Also a lot of cramping, which I don’t remember with Abby. The bleeding is under control, the cramping has gotten much better, but still comes back if I do anything strenuous.

At this point, I’ve decided this is a miracle baby – there have been plenty of chances for this pregnancy to end, plenty of times I thought it had, so I hope that means the miracles will continue. Well, it is in God’s hands. 

The girls are incredibly excited about the baby! They wanted to carry around the ultrasound pictures, so Bill made them their own copies. Sandy colored hers in, both girls have them taped above their beds. Several times a day, one or both of them will come and put their head to my stomach to check on the baby. Usually they tell me the baby is laughing, although occasionally crying or screaming. 

Abby is convinced the baby is a girl. She came with me to an earlier ultrasound than either of the two pictured above and insisted the baby looked like a girl.