Friday, August 27, 2010


Yesterday I went to see my endocrinologist for what I expected to be a routine thyroid check via ultrasound. She found two abnormal lymph nodes and needle biopsied them. The pathology results should be back on Monday.

So I'm trying not to worry until I know if there is even anything to worry about. But it is hard not to think about potential scenarios -- and worry about needing treatments with two young girls, including one that is still breastfeeding. Of course, on the bright side, we have hit our insurance deductible this year so if there is anything that needs to be done, we might as well get it in this year!

I was also really grateful my doctor was able to do the needle biopsy. I believe that is unusual - at least, my last endocrinologist sent me somewhere else to have the biopsies done. She also did it a lot quicker than the last time I had it done. She swabbed my neck with iodine in both places and jabbed me with the needle while a nurse held the ultrasound machine. It felt like forever as she dug around trying to get a tissue sample but it was probably only a couple of minutes each time. It was painful, though, and I have some bruising on my neck today.

I was also grateful my mother-in-law had my kids during my appointment so I didn't have to worry about them.

Good thing we have a busy weekend ahead; Monday will come quickly.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Little Tiger

We went to a birthday party and Sandy got her face painted by a very talented lady.

As we were waiting in line, Sandy and I talked about her getting her face painted as a butterfly. But one of the boys ahead of her got painted as a tiger and that is what she wanted. When it was her turn, the face painter asked her if she wanted a butterfly and Sandy said, "No butterfly, TIGER!" So, that's what she got.

I took a card. I don't know if I'll need a face painter for anything, but anyone that can get a 2-year-old to hold still for this is very impressive!

Sandy also had fun on the trampoline:

And Abby got held by our friend and neighbor, Laura:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Abby's Announcement

Finally got Abby's birth announcements out. Here are a few more pictures of Abby:

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Disappearing Abby & Potty Training

I put Abby down for a nap when we got home from church today. After lunch, I ran into my bedroom to get something and on the way thought: "Where's Abby? I know I put her on my bed."

After a moment of panic, I realized she had pulled the sheet over herself. Here's the view from the other side of the bed.

We've discovered the joy of playdough at our house! I made some playdough the other day when Sandy had a friend over and it was a big hit. My recipe is on my other blog.

Also, we've started potty training. Sandy was not wanting to lay down for diaper changes and taking her diaper off if it was even the least bit wet, so I bought some pullups and did the whole spend the day in the bathroom potty training. But she wasn't quite ready and it was a bit stressful, so I decided I needed to make it easier on both of us. We went to the store and Sandy picked out potty treats:

So, now, I just wait for Sandy to tell me she needs to go potty. She gets one jelly bean for sitting on the toilet, a teaspoonful if she actually uses the bathroom while she's there. It's been a week and so far it has been very effective. She is peeing on the toilet a couple of times a day. So I guess we'll see how it goes.

Sandy and Abby love each other very much. It is so fun to see Sandy cuddle with her sister and to see Abby's big smile when she sees Sandy.

Sandy got a bandaid for an owie on her knee and decided Abby needed one too.

Here is Sandy sharing toys with Abby in my messy living room - we still have all of the stuff from the girls room in the front room while we finish painting/remodeling the girls room.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Catching Up on the Chaos

Things have been a bit chaotic at our house. First, though, an update on the girls.

Sandy loves to sing! She is always asking me to sing a song with her. Some of her favorites are "house" (The Wise Man and the Foolish Man), "bees", "peas", and "bus". She sings on her own, too, and the songs are recognizable even if the words aren't always: The Alphabet Song, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. She is really good at knowing her colors, too. I keep meaning to pull out the video camera to get her singing and naming colors.

She is fascinated by the dog's food and water and is always getting into one of them. Lately she has been very carefully pouring Sage's water into her food bowl. I've tried reasoning with her, sitting her on her bed, shutting the door to the kitchen... no matter what I do, she manages to do this at some point during the day.

Finally, Bill figured it out. "What human food does dog food most resemble?" he asked me recently.

So, at least now we understand why she does it. Sage eats the wet food just fine, so I guess maybe I should just let this one go... (just in case you didn't guess, we think Sandy thinks dog food is cereal for dogs)

Sandy also loves to clean. She is always wiping up something or putting something away. Here she is wiping off a chair.

I appreciate her help and I am very hopeful that someday she will clean up more messes than she makes. I also hope her choice of cleaning supplies improves.

Sandy using the dog's water dish as mop water

Sandy has recently developed a phobia of baths. She pooped in the bath tub a couple of weeks ago. We cleaned it up and I didn't get upset or anything, but she freaked out and ever since then she has a meltdown if I even suggest a bath. Luckily she doesn't mind taking a shower with me so at least she is still getting clean.

The girls have had colds for about a week. A couple of days ago, Sandy climbed into bed with me and Abby when she got up in the morning. They both looked sick, and I said, "My poor girls, you both feel yucky, huh?" Sandy looked at me very intently and said, "Daddy, blessing." I said, "You want Daddy to give you a blessing?" She said, "Yes." Bill was in the room and came over to give her a blessing. She folded her arms and closed her eyes for the blessing. As soon as she was done, she said, "Abby, blessing." So, Bill gave Abby a blessing. I'm amazed at what she picks up on, I wouldn't have thought she even knew what a blessing was. Bill has given Sandy blessings before when she was sick, but I can't even remember the last time, but I guess she does.

Abby is almost 3 months old! She wore a 3- to 6-month outfit yesterday for the first time. I'm just not quite ready to put away her 0- to 3-month clothes.

I think Abby has amazing hand coordination for her age! Here she is chewing on her clothes because I didn't get her a binkie when she wanted one. She has been doing this for a couple of weeks now.

She likes to pull the blanket up over her eyes. It made me really nervous the first few times I saw her do it! I was scared she would suffocate under the blanket. She's been doing this for a couple of weeks, too, I just never think to pull out my camera.

She is perfectly able to pull the blanket up and down as she wants to. Peek-a-boo!

Abby is quick to smile. She loves to watch Sandy. She also loves to sleep. I'll set her down for a minute and she'll be content watching Sandy and then after a few minutes drift off to sleep.

The paint in Sandy's room started to bubble. She was picking at it and we were worried about the possibility of lead paint underneath, so we decided to scrape and paint her room. But we scraped and scraped and it just kept coming off.

What a disaster! We are hoping to get the primer up tomorrow and then move stuff back into the room. Sandy's in the guest bedroom tonight.

So everything from Sandy's room is now in the front room.

Bill has been having a problem with ringing in his ears the past couple of days. He went to the doctor today, but the doctor didn't know what was wrong and suggested he come back in a few days if it is still happening for a referral to an ear, nose, and throat doctor.