Saturday, April 11, 2009


Friday my sister, Rosie, and her husband, Brandon, graduated from Brigham Young University - Idaho. Bill, Sandy & I drove to Rexburg Friday morning, went to the graduation and lunch, and then drove back Friday evening. It was fun to see Rosie and Brandon as well as my other sister, Kelsie who also lives in Rexburg.

Here is a picture of Rosie and Brandon with their diplomas.

Rosie and Brandon with my parents.

The group of us, minus my dad and Bill who were taking pictures.

Bill always gets plenty of shots of Sandy and I when he has his camera out. Here is one at the graduation.

I hope the next graduation I attend is Bill's! I'm already planning the party for when that happens.

Saturday morning everyone (mom, dad, Molly, Lexie) came back to my house. My parents just stopped long enough to load the car and then headed back to South Dakota. The picture below shows Sandy (left) and Lexie (right) playing while everyone else helps load the car.

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