Monday, March 31, 2014


Bill’s youngest brother, Michael, got married at the beginning of March. Here is Liam ready to go:



It was fun to see lots of family. And we sat through lots of pictures. I really hope we get a copy of some of those pictures someday.

We came home from the temple and Abby really wanted to change into her pajamas, but I told her no because we still needed to go to the reception – and family pictures were being taken before the reception.

But I put her pajamas in my bag and promised her if she’d stay in her dress, she could change into them after all the pictures were over.

So in the middle of the reception, after leaving to feed Liam, I came back to find this:


That girl loves to be in pajamas!


PTDSD: Post-traumatic daylight savings disorder:


Anyone else experiencing that at your house?


And some happier pictures of Abby because she really is generally happy when daylight savings time isn’t throwing her off.


Here she is at the zoo:



With a plant growing kit from her primary teacher:







Liam again!




Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



When you have two older sisters, you have a lot of pink things:




The girls getting haircuts at grandma’s house:



Abby and another mess. This one involved a tube of toothpaste.