Thursday, March 25, 2010

Look Who's Home!

Michael is back from his mission, the Tennessee Knoxville Mission. We were very excited to see him -- and for Sandy to meet him for the first time. She is one of four nieces born while he was gone.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How Do I...

get Sandy to keep her clothes on?

Layering with onesies has saved us the last few months because Sandy can't undo the snaps, but today she learned that she can work her arms out and pull everything down. I've already changed her once to a onesie with a smaller neck opening, but she still got it off.

I think she has a urinary tract infection, so I think her diaper is really bothering her. I took her in to the doctor today and there were white blood cells in her urine sample, but they are culturing the urine before deciding how to treat it.

Sandy is allergic to liquid Tide laundry detergent. Once we figured that out and switched detergents her urinary tract infection symptoms went away and she stopped stripping off her clothes.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

We were glad to be able to see Jaydene on her birthday yesterday and have a slice of birthday cake with her.

Sandy really enjoyed the cake:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We hope everyone has a great day, and that Grandma Buhler has a great birthday!

Another shot of Sandy... can you see her black eye in this picture?

Now, can you see her black eye? Yes, it seems that she must have a bruise on her face for every holiday picture. This particular black eye involved climbing over bags of wheat and falling into a shelf in the storage room.

And here is a picture of my pregnant belly. I'm glad I thought to have Bill take one today, I'm not sure I have one yet from this pregnancy.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Won!

...this adorable chocolate and pink pettiskirt with matching flower from Randi at Piggy's & Petal's. So I took the winning one for Sandy and then ordered a matching one for Abby. Oh, I can't wait to see my two little girls in their matching skirts!!

I won this giveaway from one of my new favorite blogs, The Idea Room. Thanks to my sister Molly for introducing me to it! It was kind of a fluke that I entered at all because I seriously never win anything! Really! In 7 years of working for the same company that gave away fantastic prizes at the summer/Christmas parties, I never once won anything! Bill did win movie tickets once. In fact, one summer the party got rained out and they figured there were enough prizes for all but 3 people to win something. Yup, I was one of those 3 people!

As I was checking out the other cute things on Piggy's and Petal's I also saw that Randi makes the cutest custom bows. I found Sandy's Easter dress, but I have been debating about what to do with Sandy's head (I say head instead of hair because she really doesn't have much hair to speak of) and haven't had any luck finding a cute hat, so I also asked Randi if she'd make something for her. I'm excited to see what she comes up with! Here's Sandy's Easter dress: So a free pettiskirt/flower set equals me buying another pettiskirt/flower set and a custom bow... yeah, maybe it's a good thing that winning is a rare thing for me! :) Of course, there is a 20 percent off offer for everything on her site this month...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pictures from the Week

On Saturday, Sandy found a bag of dum dums. She unwrapped one and gave it to Sage (can you see the stick sticking out of Sage's mouth?) then unwrapped one for herself.

On Monday we went to get Sandy's stitches out. I called to her that it was time to go see the doctor. After a minute or two, she came running upstairs ready to go the doctor. She had a coat, her baby, and Bill's sunglasses stuck (upside down) on her head. No shoes.

She did such a good job getting her stitches out! She sat on my lap and held her hand perfectly still while the doctor snipped the stitches and pulled them out. She didn't cry. The doctor was very impressed!

Sandy has learned how to get onto my bed. My hope chest is at the foot of the bed, so she climbs onto it and then onto my bed. She also knows how to push a chair up to the kitchen counter and get an apple out of the fruit basket (usually one for Sage and one for her). So this morning I made my bed and took the hamper downstairs to the laundry room. When I got back, I found her lying on my bed eating an apple.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sandy loves her daddy and she loves it when he works from home. I try to keep her upstairs with me most of the time he's working, but if she gets downstairs, she is quite insistent that he take a break to cuddle with her.

Here is a random picture of her sitting in her doll stroller and watching ballroom dancing on the BYU channel. Bill had it on and she loved watching the dancers!

Monday, March 1, 2010


First, an update on Sandy's stitches. They are still in and look good. The best thing we've found to keep them covered is the coban wrap Rosie suggested. It's the wrap that sticks to itself--like you get wrapped around your arm after you donate blood -- and we just found it in the pharmacy aisle at Smiths. We have to wrap it all the way around Sandy's hand to get her to keep it on, as you can see in the picture above. We still end up changing it 3 or 4 times a day because she gets it wet, dirty, takes it off, etc. but it is a hundred times better than any other solutions we've found.

One of Sandy's favorite things is dancing. She has a cd player in her room -- that she can (mostly) work herself and she loves to turn on music and dance.