Thursday, April 30, 2015



Liam went with me to the shoe store. I was having arch pain and I bought some tennis shoes with molded arches. We were there for awhile. The shoe saleswoman was brilliant – she put socks on Liam’s hands. He loved it. And when he touched the mirrors and windows he didn’t leave finger prints.


Here he is in a sling. He got nursemaid’s elbow but the instacare couldn’t pop it back in so they sent him home in a sling. Didn’t slow him down a bit.


Bill ended up popping it back in after watching a youtube video. I’m sure glad I spent several hours and several hundred dollars at the instacare. I think we’ll try youtube first next time.


Abby holding a chick at This is the State Park. Doesn’t everyone dress like a ballerina to go to a petting zoo?



Trip to the zoo:



Liam playing with playdough – can you believe how grown up he looks?



This kid loves feeding himself and he uses a fork like a pro.



On a big boy swing:



Here’s our table set for Passover. How do I not have any Easter pictures?