Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

_IMG_7149 I thought I’d take some pictures and maybe do something with them for Valentine’s day.


I saw this kiss flip book and thought it was pretty cute, so I tried to get pictures of the girls blowing kisses:

_IMG_7161 _IMG_7162 _IMG_7163 _IMG_7164 _IMG_7166 _IMG_7168

Sandy wanted to take her own artistic pictures of her baby doll:


Abby was mostly interested in sticking the hearts on the wall (I found these heart sticky notes at Walmart):





We’ve had so much snow this month! In fact, when we sent our box to our new swap friends in the UK, I included this picture of our house from 2003:


Bill told me I should specify that our yard doesn’t have that much snow in it every year, especially the last couple of winters. I did.


But this year we got lots more snow than was in that picture! We built a sledding hill off our back steps.


 2013-01-29 16.44.10 2013-01-29 16.44.402013-01-29 16.43.51 2013-01-29 16.45.26 


We’ve been out there sledding almost every day, multiple times most days. It has been wonderful to have our own sledding hill.


We also spent the month moving Bill’s office. His new office is just around the corner from our house and so he leaves his car in the covered parking garage and walks home. He has a lot more space, which means a lot of the stuff that had been stored in our house is now moving to the office. Hooray!! I only have one picture from the move – here is Sandy, temporarily locked in the office. We were moving things in one Saturday and both Bill and I managed to leave our keys locked inside. Abby had followed us out, but Sandy was still inside and too short to trip the exit sensor:

_2013-01-26 16.36.20

It only took about 20 minutes for us to figure something out (Bill found the maintenance key in his pocket and was able to come through a different door).


We’ve been having movie nights with the girls every Friday night, it has turned into a really fun tradition:



We also experimented with some new hairstyles. We’re all set for Valentine’s day with this heart hair: