Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Snowfall

We had our first snowfall today. It was a little early for me, but Sandy was excited!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Books & A Trip to Temple Square

Sandy loves to read books, and it has become a lot more fun to read with her now that she turns pages and lifts flaps!

This afternoon we walked around Temple Square.

walking along

sees the water

Friday, October 9, 2009

15 Month Stats

I took Sandy to her 15-month checkup today. Her stats are:

*Weight: 21 pounds 9 oz (25th percentile)
*Length: 33 inches (95th percentile)
*Head Circumference: 46.5 centimeters (66th percentile)

Dr. Baar said Sandy looks healthy. I did ask her about some of my concerns: Sandy not drinking milk (she said it's fine, just try to get 3 servings of dairy through cheese or yogurt), I asked about a multivitamin (she suggested infant vitamin drops available at any pharmacy), I asked about Sandy's temper tantrums and gagging to make herself throw up (she agreed the best way to handle was just to ignore as we've been doing).

The big challenge came when I mentioned Sandy's new bed. Dr. Baar agreed that a toddler bed was the best move since Sandy has fallen out of her crib. But she gave me a pep talk about letting Sandy cry it out to sleep since I've been sleeping in Sandy's room for the past week. She also added another twist: she suggested we go cold turkey on the binkie at the same time. She said she'd normally be okay with her keeping the binkie until 2 but with the new baby coming it would be good to get it away long before Sandy sees the baby with a binkie. Also, she suggested that it would be hard to let her cry it out while she gets used to sleeping in her bed and hard to let her cry it out while she gets used to no binkie, but we might as well just get it over with at once.

I really like our pediatrician and so I came home and put Sandy down for a nap, without a binkie. It took 1/2 hour, but she is sleeping now. Oh it's hard to hear her cry, though!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Sandy didn't take a nap today. Oh, I miss her crib already!

So tonight I put her to bed early. We went through our bedtime routine (bath, brush teeth, read a story, say prayers, sing a primary song, goodnight kiss) and I left her room and closed the door. She cried and cried and even banged on her door, but it's been 1/2 hour and all is finally quiet. She was so tired!

My Little Helper

Sandy decided to wash her own clothes this morning... in the dog's water dish. I'm not sure where she got the idea, but surely she's just trying to help, right?

She also loves to wipe up spills, real or imaginary. She also loves to put things away, although I'm always surprised at where she thinks they should go (car keys in the recycle bin, dog food in her push along hippo).

She is also quite the imitator. This week I have been picking out embroidered logos on some of Bill's old work shirts. The other morning I found Sandy bent over one of the shirts with my seam ripper (cap still on!). Last night as I was getting ready to go to Bill's mission reunion, I watched Sandy go to the bathroom trash can, pull out a Q-tip, and proceed to brush it across her eye. A few minutes earlier she had watched me clean up some smeared eyeliner with a Q-tip dipped in eye make-up remover.

The transition to toddler bed has been difficult. I spent the entire night last night sleeping on a mattress next to her bed! I think I'm going to have to get tough tonight!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Big Girl Bed

A crash in the middle of the night announced that Sandy has learned to climb out of her crib.

We rushed into her room, pulled the mattress out of the crib and had her sleep on the mattress on the floor.

That worked for a couple of hours until she fell off the crib mattress and decided she didn't want to go back on it.

So, Bill converted her crib to a toddler bed. I really appreciated his dedication (it was 2:30 in the morning!), but I couldn't stay up so Sandy and I went back to sleep in my bed.

So Sandy is in a toddler bed now. Anyone have suggestions on how to help her transition? I'm worried she won't go down as well for nap and bedtime.

Since I had my camera out taking pictures of Sandy's toddler bed, I snapped this picture of her in her pajamas. Notice the shoes? She loves shoes and one of the first things she does in the morning is go find her shoes and bring them to us to put on over her pajamas.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


With Bill working from home, computer time has been at a premium. So I'm sorry I haven't been good about updating this blog, checking other blogs, or even responding to emails.

So, first the update on the pregnancy... I'm doing better. I'm just finishing a second week of spotting, but no more of the heavy bleeding that sent me to the Emergency Room Friday night. I saw my OB Monday. He did another ultrasound (I really need to post the ultrasound pictures up here, I'll do that soon) and the baby's heartbeat, size, etc. looks great. He could see where the bleeding had been behind the placenta and the clotting prevented him from seeing if the placenta was still pulled away in one spot or had reattached. He told me I didn't need to stay in bed anymore (yeah!!), but still to take things easy and call him if I have any more heavy bleeding. In the meantime, he wants to see me a little more often than normal (every 2 weeks instead of every month) and thinks we still have a good chance of a healthy full-term baby.

I've been nauseous and exhausted. I keep telling Bill it couldn't have been this bad when I was pregnant with Sandy or I wouldn't have been so quick to get pregnant again. He assures me it was this bad and I've just forgotten. It ended at 16 weeks with Sandy, so hopefully it ends then (or sooner!) with this pregnancy.

Second, the update on Bill's job status. He got one job offer this week, turned it down, and got a counteroffer that he is still considering. He's also hoping for an offer for another job he interviewed for Monday. And he's laid the groundwork for his own business. So, lots of promising options, the tough part is picking one. I've told Bill I'll support any of the three, which isn't very helpful, but he's the one that will be doing the work and only he can decide where he'll be happiest. We do feel blessed that he has options to decide between!