Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Book Order

I’m putting in a book order again, if you are interested in getting something, let me know by May 25. I just put in the order with all the discounts, incentives, etc. and then figure out what the exact discount is – last time I did this it was 50% -- and pass it on to you.

I can process credit cards if you give me the info before I put in the order, otherwise, I can take a cash or check when you get your books.

If you want the books mailed directly to your home it is an extra $5 charge (no matter how much you order) plus you have the regular tax and shipping costs that are added to each order.

I don’t have any catalogs or anything, so you’ll need to look online to see what is available.

This is my first order in 2 years – I don’t make any money on this order, but I do get to order books (I love to give books as gifts, especially baby gifts!) at the best price possible and I couldn’t order enough on my own to get the good price.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment or call me at 801-413-0124.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Abby!

Abby is 1 year old today!

We started the day out with some birthday pancakes:

Abby had some help blowing out her candles:

We also let her choose from six items - a tradition that supposedly indicates future interest/ability. You can read about this tradition here.

She picked the ball, so perhaps she will be our little athlete.

Then we went to the doctor for her 1-year checkup. Not very nice, giving her shots on her birthday. I should have planned that differently. We have a new doctor and they didn't give me a printout of her height/weight/percentages. I believe she was 20 pounds, 8 ounces and that her weight was in the 47th percentile.

Tonight, we had a birthday dinner with cupcakes for dessert.

Abby's helpers helped her with this candle, too.

Abby enjoyed the cupcake:

Grandma & Grandpa Buhler were able to celebrate with us:

Grandpa Shupe & Gayla were able to come, too:

Happy Birthday, sweet Abby!

10 Things About Abby on her Birthday:

10. She has two teeth, both on the bottom. It looks like the top ones are coming in, though, and will be here soon.

9. She loves her blanket, a fleece blanket with a satin edge. She actually has two of them, which is good because she won't sleep without one of them over her head. Grandma Sherri made both blankets.

8. She lets us know she is done sleeping by throwing her binkie out of the crib -- and with wood floors it makes a very distinct sound.

7. She squeals when she's happy, she squeals when someone (usually Sandy) takes something from her, and sometimes she squeals just for the sake of squealing. We are working on teaching her about using an indoor voice, but so far we haven't had any luck.

6. She likes to pray. Before meals, we all hold hands and pray. Abby will now reach for my hand as soon as I sit down and bow her head. She doesn't keep it bowed through the prayer, but she's definitely getting the idea.

5. She loves to sit in chairs, especially the little rocking chair that was mine when I was a little girl.

4. She has no fear of heights and can be quite a little dare devil. Did you see her standing up and rocking in that video? I pushed the rocking chair against the couch so it would only rock so far. She was doing it with the rocking chair in the middle of the floor. Scary!

3. Her hair is blonde! She doesn't have much of it, and it is hard to see the color in the pictures, but it is quite blonde. It will be interesting to see what color it is as she grows.

2. She can be very serious. In fact, every time we take pictures I have to dig through a lot of serious ones to find one or two of her smiling. Her big sister is the most successful at coaxing smiles out of her.

1. She is very loved by her dad, mom, and big sister and brings lots of joy into our home!