Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy July

On the fourth of July, we went to the annual Buhler party at Steve’s house complete with digging for change in the sand:

Abby thought the goal was to throw back the coins and fill her bag with sand:


The cousins lining up by age for the pinata:

Sandy gets a whack at the pinata:

We also took the girls to see fireworks for the first time. They loved the fireworks but, even after a nap earlier in the day, it was just too late.



We went to the 24th of July Float Preview. The girls got their faces painted, balloon animals, and their picture taken with the Days of 47 Royalty.

Sandy's face is painted like a clown. That's what we thought she asked for, but apparently she was saying "crown." Oops. She was a good sport about it, though.

Here is a close up of Abby’s rainbow face:

The girls at the 24th of July parade:

the girls

Sandy dancing to the music:

At the end of the route, one of the floats stopped and let the kids climb on: