Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another ER Adventure

Well, Sandy and I are at Primary Children's hospital for the night.

We went to visit an older neighbor and friend around noon. We hadn't been there 10 minutes when Sandy disappeared around the corner. I called to her, stopped long enough to apologize and say I'd be right back, and went after her. And found her with one of those pill-a-day organizers. Wednesday was open and she had her hand to her mouth. So, I instantly pried her mouth open and didn't find anything. Then I scooped up the pill organizer still containing two pills, searched the floor and found one pill on the floor, and went to ask my friend how many pills there had been. There were four, one was missing. It ended up being a 5-milligram glyburide, a pill for type 2 diabetes.

So I headed home and called poison control. And they strongly suggested I take her straight to the emergency room. Not at the IMC hospital like I originally said I'd be going to, but to Primary Children's. And they made sure I knew the ER would be expecting us because they would call ahead.

So we arrived, Sandy got an IV and lots of juice to keep her blood sugar up. And now we wait and they stick her finger every 2 hours to check her blood sugar.

Between this and my ER visit in September, we should meet our deductible for the year. Too bad the year is nearly over. On second thought, 2009 has been a rather rough year, let's just hurry up and get to 2010.


Kath said...

Oh no, Megan! These little girls are so curious and a pill-a-day thing looks like so much fun!
Hope Sandy is OK. Do you need anything?

AJ said...

I too hope everything goes well. If you need anything, I'm more than willing to help also!

Heather said...

Man! I'm so sorry. That is so scary! I've had to call poison control quite a few times but never had anything that scary happen! I hope everything is well now! Love ya!

K and M said...

Give us an update! How did everything turn out? I'll take holes in my wall any day over a scare like that!

James said...

Wow that's scary! Sounds like things are OK now. Our last call to PC was because Abi ingested a leaf from our plumeria plant. Luckily it's not as poisonous as oleandar, though it's from the same plant family.