Monday, April 2, 2012

March Blog Catch Up

Big news for March, Abby gave up her binkie! I had been dreading taking it away from her. I’d been throwing away binkies for about a month until we were down to 1. Then, she took it to a friend’s house while I went to a meeting and when we got home, we realized she’d left it there. It was bedtime and I told her she’d just have to sleep without it because it was too late to go back and get it. She slept the whole night. So, I decided if she could go one night, she didn’t need it anymore and we never went back and got it. She did ask for it – ironically, mornings seemed to be harder than nights, but now she is binkie free!!

Here is a selection of pictures we took in March.

Here is Bill and some of the missionaries that served with him in Scotland.

2012-03-30 21.56.23


Now some pictures from parent observation day at Sandy and Abby’s ballet classes. I love this teacher! She is amazing with the kids and they have learned a lot of motor skills and listening skills from her. I also like her view on recitals – it’s a lot of expense and headache at this age to pay for costumes and tickets to watch your own kid for 2 minutes. So, instead, she has a class at the end of each session where parents and other friends and family members are invited to come in and take pictures.

A random picture of Abby and I sleeping on the couch:


We went to a Buhler family dinner to celebrate Mike and Jaydene’s birthdays.

I made this cake.

I blew up some balloons for a Relief Society activity and the girls had a blast playing with them. I took a few pictures of them with the balloons:



Story time in the helicopter in the backyard:

2012-03-10 16.32.39

Abby had fun with a box….
and then some stickers…
Bill takes Sandy to home depot the first Saturday of each month for their project day. This month, they made a car.