Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!



Sandy’s wearing clip-on earrings. She has been begging for some for a long time. Her Easter basket was actually a locking box that she could keep little treasures, like her earrings, safe from her little sister:


The girls got their Easter baskets Saturday morning. Here is Abby, holding a chocolate egg and, apparently, missing her pajamas. _IMG_7586

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Phone Pictures

I was cleaning picture off my cell phone and found some to share.


 2013-02-28 10.23.29

The girls playing on the W (for West High) at Sandy’s preschool.



2013-03-07 19.37.33

Speaking of preschool, I have to admit that the stack of art projects Sandy comes up with usually ends up tossed in the trash. If she doesn’t see me do it, she doesn’t ever ask where they went. I do feel bad about sometimes. I hung this fish picture – painted with colored corn syrup -- on the fridge. The corn syrup stuff ran all the way down, what a sticky mess! I guess we’re back to throwing them in the garbage as soon as we get home.


Sandy’s “Princess Leia” hairstyle.

2013-03-21 10.25.47

        2013-03-21 10.25.11 2013-03-21 10.25.24 


Here are the Easter baskets we grew grass in. I really liked how they turned out.

2013-03-21 15.50.59 2013-03-21 15.51.21

Monday, March 18, 2013

Due Date

Today is (was?) my due date. It’s been 5 months that I’ve known I wouldn’t be holding a baby this month.

Peter is a part of our family. Not a day goes by that the girls don’t talk about their little brother. Sandy can be a bit domineering and Abby likes to remind her that, “I’m a big sister!” Sandy says, “Yes, you are Peter’s big sister but I am Peter’s bigger big sister.”

The girls talk about their baby brother so casually, it brings up questions from people we don’t know well. “Oh, you have a baby boy at home?” Well, not exactly.

At my first appointment with Sandy, I asked my doctor how long we should wait to tell people we were pregnant. I was 9 weeks pregnant. He said everything looked good on the ultrasound and to go ahead and tell whoever we wanted, that miscarriages were very uncommon once an ultrasound had showed a beating heart.

I was blessed to have a healthy pregnancy with Sandy. With Abby, we had some hemorrhaging that was very scary, but it all turned out okay. I felt a bit invincible. Sure people have miscarriages and lose babies, but it didn’t seem like it could happen to me. Now that it has all of that invincibility is gone. Now there is so much fear of getting pregnant, fear of losing another baby. Fear of putting myself through that again, but mostly fear of putting my girls through that. I think the girls have dealt with this in healthy ways, but when I think of how little death I had come into contact with before my late teens, it makes me ache when I hear my 2-year-old say she has a baby in her tummy and it’s dead. She says it so matter of factly. But should a 2-year-old really be that matter-of-fact about a dead baby?

I woke up this morning feeling very melancholy, but I had to stop and think about why. My body fought so hard to keep Peter, even after we knew his heart had stopped beating. And, somehow, my body knew that today was his due date.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


When I realized St. Patrick’s Day was on Sunday, I looked for Easter dresses with green in them. They can wear them again for Easter in a couple of weeks.


_IMG_7543 _IMG_7547

Saturday morning the girls woke up to some “leprechaun gold” and a new St. Patrick’s day shirt in their shoes. Sandy wore her shirt, Abby refused. I said, “Don’t you think the leprechauns will be disappointed you don’t want to wear your shirt?” Abby’s reply? “But the Easter bunny loves my dress!”


We’ve been doing some fun things to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day, like these rainbow cupcakes:


We frosted them with cream cheese - whipped cream clouds that were amazing! We made layered rainbow jello that turned out amazing but doesn’t show up in the pictures.


We also made rainbow bread. _IMG_7506


It was an absolute disaster – food coloring, flour and bread dough everywhere.



We had more food coloring on our hands than on the bread:



And it didn’t turn out quite like the picture on Pinterest. I used the wilton gel colors and I think I should have used liquid food coloring. But the girls thought it was pretty amazing!


Sandy’s preschool learned about pets a couple of weeks ago. She came home insisting she had to take a pet to school and we needed to go to the pet store and get a puppy. A call to her teacher confirmed there was certainly no such expectation, but if a parent wanted to bring a pet into class, they could. We were debating what to do when Sandy’s primary teacher gave her a purple plastic fish. She begged to take that. So, a freezer jam full of water and a plastic fish and she was ready to go:



She took it to preschool and was thrilled. She’s carried it everywhere with her since. Every night, she transfers it to a smaller container so she can clean out her fish bowl. She’s quite a responsible pet owner!


We’ve been growing grass in Easter baskets:



This is the grass from a couple of weeks, it is growing really good now. I’ll have to take an updated picture.



We' have had beautiful spring weather this month! Here’s a picture of the girls swinging in the backyard. It’s been such a cold winter, that 50s or 60s feel awesome. So awesome, the girls keep asking questions like, “Can we run through the sprinklers? Can I wear my swimsuit outside? Why do I have to wear shoes?” If our Arizona cousins were here, I bet they’d be wearing jackets and my kids think they should be running through sprinklers!



We decided to do another swap package like we did at Christmas time. This time we are swapping with a family in Greece. Here is the package we sent them:


Marshmallow peeps, grow your own snow kit, a book about salt lake, Jello (with a Jello salad recipe), honey (with a honey butter recipe), fry sauce, and salt water taffy. Hope they enjoy it!