Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mother’s & Father’s Day Questionnaires

The girls did these in primary. I am typing them up before they get destroyed – Liam has already eaten part of one of them…


My Amazing Mom by Abigail

Her favorite food is: Macaroni & Tomato

Her favorite color is: Purple

Her favorite thing to do is: Take me places

During the day my mom: Do stuff

My mom is really good at: Making macaroni & tomato

Our favorite thing to do together is: When she lets me do what I want

I love my mom because: She lets me help her

My mom is amazing because: We can go places



My Amazing Mom by Sandy

Her favorite food is: Macaroni & Tomato

Her favorite color is: Purple

Her favorite thing to do is: Play with me

During the day my mom: Cleans

My mom is really good at: Baking

Our favorite thing to do together is: Go on Mama Dates

I love my mom because: My mom is nice to me

My mom is amazing because: She likes to cuddle



My Awesome Dad by Abigail

His name is: Bill

His favorite food is: Macaroni & Tomato

His favorite thing to do is: Vacuum

During the day, my dad: Eats breakfast, helps us go to school then goes to work

My dad is really good at: Working

Our favorite thing to do together is: Watch movies

I love my dad because: He lets me watch movies

My dad is awesome because: (Blank – the questionnaire was longer than her attention span, apparently)


My Awesome Dad by Sandy

His name is: Douglas

His favorite food is: Corndogs

His favorite thing to do is: Play with us

During the day, my dad: Works

My dad is really good at: Fixing computers

Our favorite thing to do together is: Go ice skating

I love my dad because: Sometimes he lets us watch movies

My dad is awesome because: He’s done computers all his life.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Crazy hair day at Sandy’s school:


Of course, Abby had to match!


Liam swinging for the first time (5 months old):



Happy Easter:





We went to an Easter egg hunt and met the Easter bunny on Saturday:



Still working on getting the girls room finished. So this little guy is still in a Moses basket on the side of my bed. He doesn’t fit so well any more….



Annual Passover dinner. We had lots of kids joining us this year and I was pretty impressed with my set up. In fact, I cut 10 minutes off the ceremony!! Just by having everything ready to go on the plates so there was no passing/pouring during it:




Liam comes to work with me. Here he is hanging out at the office:




Sandy reading to her younger siblings. Such a good big sister!




Bill’s mission reunion:


Monday, March 31, 2014


Bill’s youngest brother, Michael, got married at the beginning of March. Here is Liam ready to go:



It was fun to see lots of family. And we sat through lots of pictures. I really hope we get a copy of some of those pictures someday.

We came home from the temple and Abby really wanted to change into her pajamas, but I told her no because we still needed to go to the reception – and family pictures were being taken before the reception.

But I put her pajamas in my bag and promised her if she’d stay in her dress, she could change into them after all the pictures were over.

So in the middle of the reception, after leaving to feed Liam, I came back to find this:


That girl loves to be in pajamas!


PTDSD: Post-traumatic daylight savings disorder:


Anyone else experiencing that at your house?


And some happier pictures of Abby because she really is generally happy when daylight savings time isn’t throwing her off.


Here she is at the zoo:



With a plant growing kit from her primary teacher:







Liam again!




Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



When you have two older sisters, you have a lot of pink things:




The girls getting haircuts at grandma’s house:



Abby and another mess. This one involved a tube of toothpaste.


Friday, February 28, 2014


We went to an ice castle in Midway. It was so much fun!



The kids climbed through all the tunnels:



And got to meet Princesses Anna and Elsa.



Happy Valentine’s Day!



Liam is getting bigger:



This child gets into more messes! I was running around trying to get a few chores done before picking Sandy up from half-day kindergarten and Abby decided to take a bath in the dish water. The picture doesn’t capture the water pouring onto the floor:



I do love her. Especially when she’s sleeping:


Friday, January 31, 2014




We went to Arizona and all of my family was there:



The grandkids:



Our little family:



The kids:



My parents and their children:



Bill & I:






We were there for the temple open house:



The kids played in the hot tub every day we were in Arizona:



The girls at dance class:



I was really ambitious one day and did a science experience with the kids, we made elephant toothpaste:



Of course, about the time the stuff started to bubble I had to go feed Liam. I came back to this:


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Part 2

Christmas Eve pajamas from Grandma Sherri:



Abby likes to color on herself:



Ready for church:



Christmas party at Abby’s daycare:









Just like daddy:


Friday, December 13, 2013

December, Part 1

We started the month by getting photos for Christmas cards. Later than we expected, but then Liam arrived later than expected. Here are some photos we took of the kids, although not the one on the actual Christmas card, you’ll have to wait to see that one.

_IMG_8535   _IMG_8554 _IMG_8581


December also brought snow – and freezing temperatures:



Abby loves to wear her pajamas! The first thing she does when we get home – even if it is noon, is change into her pajamas. But it has been too cold to wear just pajamas, so she’s started wearing pajamas under her clothes. Silly girl!


Isn’t he cute?


Liam has pectal excavatum, which means that there is a depression in his rib cage. His pediatrician said it looks like a mild case and she thought it might be come less noticeable as he grows.

Here’s a video. You can see it as he breathes in and out – it’s really noticeable when he has hiccups!!




We went to the grand opening of the Sugarhouse Trolley. They had food and giveaways at the various stops.



We also went to Scheels in Sandy. It’s a store, I’d never been, but it turns out they have a ferris wheel in the middle of the store:


They also have a cool aquarium. I’m adding this to my list of rainy/snowy day activities!

Santa was wandering around the store, and we stopped to say hi and snap pictures:




The girls drew pictures. Sandy drew this beautiful picture of her and Abby visiting the ocean:



And Abby drew this picture of her pet shark biting Sandy:Abby'sPic

Abby loves her brother. In a “hug him, and squeeze him and LOVE him” sort of way, but we’re working on that.