Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Crazy hair day at Sandy’s school:


Of course, Abby had to match!


Liam swinging for the first time (5 months old):



Happy Easter:





We went to an Easter egg hunt and met the Easter bunny on Saturday:



Still working on getting the girls room finished. So this little guy is still in a Moses basket on the side of my bed. He doesn’t fit so well any more….



Annual Passover dinner. We had lots of kids joining us this year and I was pretty impressed with my set up. In fact, I cut 10 minutes off the ceremony!! Just by having everything ready to go on the plates so there was no passing/pouring during it:




Liam comes to work with me. Here he is hanging out at the office:




Sandy reading to her younger siblings. Such a good big sister!




Bill’s mission reunion: