Saturday, May 7, 2016

Finally, an Update!

This little blog has been sadly neglected. But here’s a quick rundown of the past week.

Today, Liam played his first T-ball game! We signed him up fora Learn to Play series – each week they have a practice on Thursday, a game on Saturday. 3 weeks, 3 sports. He’s loving it.

Bill also buzzed his hair this morning. I love it this short!

Then while he napped at home with Bill, I took the girls and a friend to Gardner Village to see the Woodland Fairies. It was fabulous! The weather was beautiful – while we were there, as soon as we got on the freeway headed home, it started pouring. It wasn’t too crowded.

The Woodland Fairies will be out all month. They are all over the village, you can see one in the tree above the girls in this picture. There’s a wishing bridge where you get to tie a ribbon on the bridge and make a wish.

There was a parade.

The girls got to ride a unicorn and get their picture taken with a dancing bear.

The girls’ favorite thing was making fairy bracelets.  My favorite thing was the Fairy House Tour. They had an I Spy list with things to find in each house. The girls really got into it. They were each determined to find everything. We were there for 40 minutes.

I found my keys after they were missing for four days! (Both sets – my keys and the spare keys. We’re still looking for the spare keys.

Liam stuck them in the drawer with the plastic wrap and aluminum foil. I didn’t realize he could reach that drawer. I’d pulled apart every drawer and cupboard I thought was at his level, even pulled out the oven and fridge to look under/behind.

The day before I lost my keys, the van got rifled through. It was left unlocked and it seems there are people checking door handles in our neighborhood every night. There wasn’t anything in there worth stealing, but they made a huge mess pulling everything apart. Then they decided to steal the change drawer:

There were some pennies in there. Who takes the whole drawer?!

Sandy lost another tooth this week. Apparently, it was her favorite tooth.

Her note to the tooth fairy says, “Take care of my favorite tooth.” Of course, the tooth fairy forgot to come that night and had to come while she was at school instead.