Monday, December 31, 2012


Time to look back on the year. So much has happened – certainly more good than bad, but plenty of both. I am ready for a fresh start in 2013!

Here’s a picture from a January trip to visit Grandma Gingie and Grandpa Pete:


Sandy also started Sunbeams. She has really loved her Primary class this year, and her teacher. Wow, looking back at the kids in January really shows how much they have grown this year!


Here are the girls in their Easter dresses:


Abby turned 2 in May:



We saw an annular eclipse and got some home improvement projects done (despite help from our children).

Sandy turned 4 in June:



Learned we were pregnant then lost a baby boy, which was simultaneously something I wouldn’t wish on one of my worst enemies and yet a life-changing and spiritual experience.


Sandy started preschool, Megan turned 32, Bill turned 36:





Happy New Year!


One of the highlights of the Christmas seasons has become the extended family Nativity. Always after Christmas (brilliant because it’s so much less hectic) and always entertaining as the youngest in the crowd perform the nativity.


My girls were angels. Abby initially insisted on being an animal (I believe a bunny, although she was finally talked into a sheep), but once she saw Sandy was an angel, she decided to be one, too.









Arizona Trip

We went to Arizona for Christmas. We got to see lots of family and that was a lot of fun. Sandy getting carsick both ways and Bill’s job stress that delayed our departure and kept him busy most of the time were there was not so much fun.


2012-12-23 10.43.32 The only picture I took on the drive to Arizona. We were driving through the Indian Reservation and I looked back to see that Abby had added some war paint.

Bill hooked up an amazing system in the car--several movies stored on a laptop which then functioned as a wireless server that the Nooks could talk to. The girls could each watch their own show, with headphones. It really made the drive easier.


Here are some pictures from the Phoenix Zoo:

_IMG_6956 _IMG_6958 _IMG_6962 _IMG_6971 _IMG_6982 _IMG_6990


We also saw the lights at the Mesa Temple. Amazing!



Christmas morning the girls found stockings in the car.

_IMG_7017 _IMG_7020


We had planned to spend Christmas morning with my family and Christmas afternoon with Bill’s sister and her family (we also stayed at their house on the trip), but Sandy started throwing up again and we made a hurried departure. Dealing with vomit is not my strongpoint as a mother, dealing with it while traveling kind of pushes me over the edge.


Heather made the most adorable princess dress ups for the girls. They were so excited. I need to get a picture of them wearing them, shouldn’t be hard since they wear them a lot.

_IMG_7031 _IMG_7038



We have gotten many helpful suggestions for dealing with car sickness. Next roadtrip we will have to remember them – particularly giving Sandy chewable dramamine before we leave and disposable barf bags.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Box from the UK


Remember the Christmas swap we did? We got our box from our new friends in England.


Chocolate candy ornaments you can tie right on the tree. Amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it, but what a fun idea!



Chocolate coins – I’d never seen silver ones, the silver coins were white chocolate, the gold coins were milk chocolate.



A Christmas pudding:



Handmade Christmas ornaments:

_IMG_6876 _IMG_6877 _IMG_6878



A game and a collection of Christmas cartoons:



A box of Christmas crackers:

_IMG_6880  _IMG_6884 


Nested star cookie cutters:




The box also included two Santa door hanger craft kits:



_IMG_6905 _IMG_6908



What a fun box! Thanks to our new friends!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Time for a New Fridge



Hooray, we have replaced our fridge. Sandy’s standing in front of the old one – look at that color, don’t you think it was about time?!

I will have to post a picture of the new fridge soon!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Goal Update

Remember my list of goals?


Here is my mother’s bracelet (#22).



And our family scripture study solution (#5).


Each morning the girls pick a picture from the Gospel Art Picture Book. We read the story from the scriptures (sometimes this requires some creative abbreviating depending on how long it it). Then we pick one short scripture (usually not even a full verse) to repeat.



The picture stays on this little ledge in the kitchen until we pick a new picture the next morning.

This seems to be working really well for our family at this stage. The girls are excited enough about picking the picture that they remind us if we forget. I’ve really noticed a difference in our home since we’ve started this.


I’ll leave you with a picture of Sandy. This is an art project from preschool. I’m so glad that she goes to preschool where they do art projects that I would never do. (colored corn syrup, what a mess, but it sure is pretty and she is very proud of it!)




And some pictures from today:

_IMG_6851 _IMG_6855

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Projects

We signed up for some Christmas projects this year. One was Operation Christmas Child, where Sandy & Abby each packed a shoe box full of things for a child in a third world country.

Their choices really showed their personalities, so I took some pictures: (Sandy’s choice is always on the left, Abby’s is always on the right.)

_IMG_6754 _IMG_6756 _IMG_6760 _IMG_6763 _IMG_6766

I was really pleased that the experience ended up being such a positive one for my girls. We talked about it for about a week and they got excited about filling a box for their “little girl.” Then we made one trip to Walmart. I explained we were only buying things for their little girls, nothing for them. We started by picking up a shoe box-sized container for each of them. Then we went to various places and I let them each pick what would go in their box.

After we got home, I added some candy, small toys, and hygiene items (soap, shampoo) to the box and closed them up. It was a really good opportunity to talk with the girls about how blessed we are to have all the things we do and many people aren’t as lucky.

The girls went with me to drop off the boxes, I wish I’d taken a picture.


The other thing we signed up for was a mini-Holiday swap through Worldwide Culture Swap. We were matched with a family in England and we were supposed to send them a box with 3 to 5 things representing the winter holidays in Utah.

It was fun to talk with the girls about what they thought we should include and I learned a few things myself.



We sent a snow globe containing a skiier, salt water taffy, raspberry jello salad (with a recipe), chocolate-covered cinnamon bears, a Christmas CD from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with David Archuleta, Stephen’s Candycane Cocoa, and some postcards.

The taffy and chocolate covered cinnamon bears were made at a factory in West Valley City and the Stephen’s Cocoa is made in Farmington. I didn’t realize these things were made in our community – and, as I talked about with a neighbor, I learned that Stephen’s hot cocoa actually started in our neighborhood.

I hope they do this culture swap next year, I’d definitely participate again!


Also, got some signs I’d ordered in the mail. A little late, I’d say…



Today we went to the zoo with some new friends:

2012-11-27 14.21.17