Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Cards

I'm hoping to mail Christmas cards next week so I'm trying to get them ready. Here are some ideas I've been working on....

I thought this one turned out cute. We actually tried to get Sage in the picture, but despite Sandy's best efforts to feed Sage, we never managed to catch it on camera.

A little sadder than I was going for -- Sandy had spilled milk on herself and didn't like being wet. Also, it's beyond my photoshop skills to clean this up enough to make it look really good.

So far, I think this is my favorite. I'll have to see what pictures we can come up with in the next few days, but we might end up going with this one.

Any thoughts or ideas?


Kelsie said...

I think that third one is really cute but you can't really see Sandy's face in it. I really like the first one but I know whatever one you pick will be adorable, hard for it not to be since Sandy is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I would say the first one is the best, except the camera was set with a very narrow focal plane that puts one of the cookies in focus, while everything closer and farther away is slightly fuzzy. If Sandy's face was as sharp as that cookie, I'd call it perfect.

The third one is pretty good too, except that it doesn't show Sandy's face.

Heather said...

I really like the third one. Even though you can't see her face it's whimsical and darling... I also like that Sage is in the picture too.