Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Watch out, here she comes!

Sandy has started moving and nothing is safe! She's been scooting for a while, but she didn't go very fast. Last week she learned to crawl. All these months I've been trying to motivate her to crawl by pushing toys just out of reach. She'd just look at the toy and find something else to look at or play with rather than go toward it. Well, last week, I learned what she is motivated by. My daughter will crawl across the room to get a half of a jelly bean.

And she's not just crawling. This morning I walked into the bathroom to find this:

So now she has learned to pull herself up, too. She's been walking around things, but she hasn't been able to get up herself until today.

Her cousin Lexie can do these things, I guess she helped Sandy learn while she was here.

So now I'm quickly trying to adjust to a mobile baby. So far it has been pretty safe to leave her for a few minutes playing with toys and trust that she wouldn't go far. No longer. This afternoon I left Sandy playing with toys and ran downstairs to get a package ready to mail. It was almost ready, I really wasn't downstairs for more than a couple of minutes, when I heard a low growl. I called Sage's name and went running upstairs to see what was going on and found Sandy eating the dog food.

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K and M said...

Yay! She's figured it out! It's exhausting to have a mobile baby, but also so much more fun. I think their personalities come out so much more when they control where they go. Bella has even started to dart away from me after grabbing something she knows she shouldn't have. Such a stinker!

By the way, I loved the rest of the answers you posted - especially Bill's corrections, because it's amazing how many of those answers are identical to Kelly's. Truly made for each other.