Saturday, April 18, 2009


Sandy has a topical strep infection that is causing diaper rash. She's had really bad diaper rash for the last week or so, which is unusual because we have a great diaper rash cream* that usually prevents diaper rash and clears anything up quickly. Last night she also had blood in her diaper so I decided it was time to take her to the doctor. Of course, on a Friday night the only thing that was open was the instacare. We saw Dr. Andersen and he said he had just been to a lunch training where they talked about topical strep infections. He decided to do a strep culture and it came back positive. So, I'm feeling very blessed that the doctor we saw had just that day learned about a test for diaper rash that helped us. Sandy's on antibiotics and I'm hopeful her rash will clear up soon.

I asked if I needed to start calling parents of kids Sandy has played with about the strep infection, but he didn't think it was likely that it would be passed to them since it is covered by her diaper. I did call my sister, Molly, since Sandy and Lexie bathed together last week.

*We use Corona ointment. It is a fantastic lanolin ointment that is intended for horses, cows, etc. I buy mine at IFA, 1147 West 2100 South. My in-laws learned about this from a pharmacist when they were struggling to clear up diaper rash with one of their children.

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*Amy* said...

I hope she starts feeling better soon!