Monday, April 20, 2009

Crawling, Great Deals, and Pilsbury Bake-off Contest

Here is a video I took last week of Sandy crawling.

She is headed for one of her favorite things: Sage's food and water dishes. She likes to splash in the water dish, throw handfuls of dog food, and put the dog food in the water dish. She has finally decided she doesn't like the taste of the dog food (hooray!), but she's not above lapping up water from Sage's dish. She's also discovered lapping water like a dog works in the bathtub (my cue that bathtime is over). When Sandy heads toward Sage's dishes, I try to put them up on the table out of her reach. So now when Sage sees Sandy heading over there, she runs over and starts eating as fast as she can. What to do?

On another subject, I found some great deals at a consignment sale Jennie told me about. Here is a picture of what I bought:

It's kind of hard to see, but for under $20 I got a shirt & capri set, a dress, a shirt and shorts set, a sweater, and two pairs of shorts. I also picked up a pair of brand new, never opened shoes (Robeez brand).

It's over now, but the sale is twice a year. The next sale is September 18-19. I signed up for their email list, so I'll try to post about it on my blog before the September sale. The sale is held in the Hilltop United Methodist Church in Sandy and it was packed full of great baby and kid clothes, toys, etc.

Finally, I've spent the last month or so perfecting three recipes to enter into the Pilsbury Bake-off. I meant to enter them last week but didn't get to it. Yesterday I thought it wasn't the most appropriate thing to do on the Sabbath and I thought I still had all day today. Today was crazy and I just tried to enter and found the contest closed at noon today. Darn it! Oh, well, I guess there is always next year.

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Jessica Bair said...

Yippeee for the Robeez! Those things are really spendy if you buy them outright. We got a used pair on e-bay for $5 when Joseph was little. We love them.