Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ward Activity

We held our first ward activity of the year on Saturday. Here's a picture of some of us that were setting up. We had a lot of help, so this is not a complete picture of everyone that helped with the activity.

Our Bishop suggested an unusual approach to ward activities for the year. He invited the Primary to plan the activities and then invite the rest of the ward. I'm excited about it -- I think we've got some great activities planned. We have very talented ladies in Primary and many of them have been quick to volunteer to help with the activities. We've kept it all on a volunteer basis because I understand that everyone is busy. But I have been amazed at what people have stepped up to do! Someone volunteered to take the lead on each activity -- Becky took the lead on this one.

For this activity, we made cards and cookies and invited each family to take a plate of cookies to someone on their way home (we ended by 7 to give people time to go) -- we suggested people could go to someone on their home or visiting teaching list or just someone they were thinking about. I heard some fantastic stories on Sunday about experiences people had when they went to deliver the cookies. (We also served dinner, of course... we had sloppy joes!)

Sherry had everything for the cards pre-cut out and in ziplock bags to make it easy for people to assemble them. She included a slip of paper that said, "Made with love by the Wells Ward Family" and another one that listed our meeting schedule and said "Please Join Us." Since people were putting together the cards, they could choose to include the information or not.

We used black tablecloths from my sister Molly's wedding and Allison brought the pink table runners from her wedding. Some pink balloons and the room looked quite festive!

We put candy to decorate the cookies in the center of the tables. We split up sprinkles into some little cups and Bill had the brilliant idea to hole punch the lids to turn the little cups into sprinkle shakers.

I think it was a great activity! Thanks to all that helped and all that came!


Sherri said...

What a great idea for an activity! Glad to see those tablecloths are getting some use.

Heather said...

What a fun looking activity! It really looks so fun and festive! BTW the shaker idea is brilliant...I'll have to keep that in my bag of tricks...

Kath said...

It was fun and I must say, the holes in the sprinkle lids was genius!