Friday, February 19, 2010

Having a Dog

The good thing about having a dog: my kitchen floor is nice and clean even after Sandy spilled a large container of chicken noodle soup on it.

The bad thing about having a dog: Sandy helped.

The goal for today was to get the kitchen clean - and when I say clean, I mean I've cleaned the oven, scrubbed the microwave, wiped down cupboards, etc. I've made some good progress, but still have a lot to do.

At noon I stopped to make lunch. While I was 2 feet away making sandwiches I heard a crash and an "uh-oh". I turned around to see that Sandy had opened the fridge -- a new skill. You know, I think that's one of the things that makes being a mom so hard. This is the first time she has opened the fridge on her own and so I didn't think when she was playing by the fridge to worry that she would get in it and spill a tupperware container of chicken noodle soup on the floor. My first thought was to clean it up, but luckily the dog took that job. My second thought was to take a picture, but I decided to finish making lunch instead. Then I looked over and saw Sandy sitting on the floor eating the soup with the dog and I was too embarrassed to have a picture documenting that. Now I wish I had taken a picture.

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Andrea said...

Oh I so can't help but laugh! Being a mom is so much fun!!! :) Glad that your floor got all nice and clean. Good luck getting the rest finished since i know how that is. Hugs!!