Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mommy, let me go!

Sandy said her first complete sentence today: "Mommy, let me go!" She is talking quite a bit and she has put other words together ("No, Sage! Mine!") that could almost count as a complete sentence, but I think this counts as the first official sentence.

We went to Bouncin' off the Walls with a friend. Since my car is in the shop, we rode with her. On the way home, Sandy reached over to her friend's car seat and grabbed her arm. I warned her sternly with no success so I reached back and grabbed Sandy's hand and held it. She started screaming, "Let me go! Mommy, let me go!" I only held her hand for a minute and warned her again. She still did it again, so I put my hand back between the two car seats as a barrier. Within a few minutes Sandy fell asleep.

For those readers that know my husband, you will not be surprised by Sandy's latest toy. Bill set her up her very own computer.

He raided his computer graveyard for old parts. It doesn't have internet access or even games, but he set it up so the keys do various things: beep, change screen color, change text color, draw simple line drawings. Sandy loves typing on her computer while I type on mine. The desk her computer is on is just a little high, so I'm searching for something a little lower.


James and Molly said...

That's really cool! Lexie needs her own computer so she'll stop banging on mine!

TheIcePixy said...

Awesome! We need to figure out something like this for Lilly.

Heather said...

That's so neat! What a great way to keep her entertained while you're on your computer!