Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ward Trunk or Treat

Tonight was our ward trunk or treat. _IMG_4683






Before I forget, here are a few funny Sandyisms.

She loves to go to Old McDonald’s. (that is what she calls the fast food place).


I carry bags like this one in my car and sometimes stop to give one to someone with a sign asking for help. Every time I do this, she asks about it and we talk about how the person has a sign that says that they are hungry and we are so blessed to have food to eat and so Jesus would want us to share our food.

We were on the way home from the park and Sandy wanted a snack and I told her we’d get one at home. Then I saw someone with a sign and decided to hand out one of my homeless bags. After I gave it away, Sandy said, “I’m hungry just like that man is hungry!”

We had a very nice discussion about how we could go right home and have a snack, but this man couldn’t do that and how she is such a lucky little girl to have a nice house to live in, good food to eat, warm clothes to wear, and a mommy and daddy that love her so, so much.


Speaking of being hungry, this morning Sandy came in and asked for breakfast. She said, “I’m so hungry my whole mouth is hungry!”


Heather said...

Love your cute costumes! What a fabulous idea as a family costume!

Jules said...

Megan do you do the service blog too? I wanted to see what the homeless bags were, and I wasted way too much time over there. I loved it! Now my kids are home and I've gotten nothing done but I've gained so much respect for you my friend. you're a girl after my own heart! Thanks so much for your great example. Have the bags been good? I think I'm going to try it.