Saturday, October 15, 2011

Clothes for Pictures

We are taking family pictures next month when we’ll be in Houston with my parents, siblings and their families. The colors are black, white, gray, and red. I’ve been trying to figure out outfits and I think I’ve found something for each of the girls.


I love Abby’s gray sweater with a white onesie and jeans. She also has a red shirt, but I don’t think I like red on her as well.


I was thinking of this outfit for Sandy. She really likes it. Do you think the pattern is too busy, though?

They both have black boots. Then, I was thinking it would be fun to add an accessory with just a pop of red for each of them. Something like this headband for Sandy and this bow for Abby.

For me, I looked to see what I have in my closet.


I think the gray shirt in the bottom right corner is my favorite, but the sleeves are a bit sheer so I’d need to find a shirt to go underneath that doesn’t disrupt the neckline too much. Also, I’m not sure if I want to wear short sleeves? My second favorite is the button up, striped shirt. I don’t like either of the cardigans at all – maybe if I untucked the white shirt they’d be a little better. I usually wear them with dresses and I think they hang a bit better.

I love this cardigan (and the way it looks on her!):


I also love this necklace. I think it would work with the gray shirt, but not with the button up one. I have a simple strand of black pearls, though, that would work with the button up shirt.


I’m not sure what Bill will wear. He wants to wear black pants but the only shirt I can find that is even remotely in the color scheme is a gray sweater with a blue argyle pattern. I’ll have to go look for something. He has a set of swatches his sister put together for him of colors that look good on him. These are the reds – they are more burgandy and magenta than red, though, so maybe I should stick with plain gray.


I would love any comments or suggestions. And, for those that are taking the pictures with us, I’d love to see how this matches up to what you are planning to wear.


Meg said...

I like the gray shirt the best. You could find an undershirt from Down East, I bet they have gray. I like the necklace too.

K and M said...

I agree with all your top choices for you and Abby, although, I do think Sandy's black and white checkered pattern is too busy.

AJ said...

Sandy is so cute in that black and white checkered shirt (such a little model too), it may be busy but in a whole group it may work. I like the button up shirt for you. Maybe you could find a gray sweater for Bill, than you should all go up the canyon for photos because those grays and such will look awesome with fall leaves in the back (I nominate Justin to take photos for you, if schedules work).

Kels said...

I have a couple of red scarves if you want to just wear a plain white or black shirt with a one of my scarves. I think that would be really cute. Just thought I would give you another option. Love you can't wait until you come.