Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Hairdo




Sandy’s hair is tricky to do – it has a very fine texture and it’s come in unevenly. I’ve tried to braid it, but I can’t get it to stay, even with a lot of gel. I put up one side, but it usually falls out as she is playing. Also, her bangs are getting long and always seem to be hanging in her face.

Yesterday, we saw one of her friends who had just come back from cookie cutters. I tried to recreate the method they had used and it worked great. I’m so excited to see Sandy with her hair out of her face and have a fairly quick hairdo that will stay put through some running around!

Basically, I made a little pony tail with her bangs, pulled the tail through the pony tail then combined it with a second pony tail, pulled that tail through, and combined it all into a third ponytail and pulled that one through as well.

Oh, and Sandy’s wearing her home depot apron because she has an amazing dad that takes her the first Saturday of every month to do the kids workshop project.

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