Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just Like Dad

When Bill was younger (he says 3, his dad says about Sandy's age), his dad was up on the roof working on the swamp cooler and dropped a wrench that he didn't need any more. A little while later, he heard, "Here's your wrench, dad" and turned around to find Bill on the roof with him.

Bill has been working on the garage roof and Sandy and I have been picking up the shingles. Sandy was playing on the first rung of the ladder, but she didn't seem inclined to go any farther. So I ran and got my camera to take a picture of her playing on the bottom rung of the ladder. I didn't expect to find her at the very top. But I took pictures anyways while Bill very calmly asked Sandy to climb back down.

Then I decided it was time to go to the store with the girls and get Sandy away from the ladder! I tried to watch her really closely the rest of the day, but she just wants to be climbing the ladder (and bringing her dad used bits of shingle she is sure he needs). I hope this roof project is finished soon!

Sage walked into a tomato cage.

It didn't puncture the skin and we were able to get it off, but I am continually amazed at Sage's ability to get into things. She seems to be doing better on the steroids, but she is still throwing up once a day. We are trying to meter out her food and water so she's not eating/drinking so much at one time because we think that's what is causing her to throw up.

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Josh, Melissa and Brynn said...

Too funny! I am dying over the photo of Sandy on the ladder (and on Abby!) and Sage with the tomato cage. Haha! Megan, you are such a good mom--I love that you always seem calm during the craziness (at least what I can tell from your blog). Glad to hear Sage is doing a little better. I'm sorry to hear about her lymphoma. Hope you guys are doing well, though! You guys still have access to my blog, right? If not let me know: