Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 Months

Abby is 4 months old today! She is such a happy baby and we love having her as part of our family! She loves to play with toys, sit in her bumbo chair, and she just discovered her toes.

We celebrated her 4 month mark by pulling out the exersaucer and she loves it!

Now I just need to remember what I did with the toys that go in the holes of the exersaucer. There are several more toys that snap in.

I love both of my girls -- and I love to dress them in matching outfits! I think my mom likes matching outfits, too, because she brought them these outfits:

Here's a shot of Abby:

Sandy fights naptime some days, but this is proof that she still needs a nap! She refused to take one and then about 3:00 she crashed...for almost 2 hours!


Jessica Bair said...

Abby is so cute and it looks like she starting to fill out. YAY! That exersaucer looks familiar:) I remember when I got it for Ava. She was 4 months old too. I didn't have the patience to wait for Sam to come home from school and put it together so I tackled it myself. It's probably not that hard for someone who can read and understand directions. I'm not that kind of person. It took me hours of frustration. By the time I got it done Ava was angry from lack of attention, Bianca was hungry, it was dark out and the living room was torn apart. From then on I started to just wait for Sam!

Heather said...

So cute! I love the matching outfits!