Thursday, September 23, 2010

Abby's Stats

We took Abby to her 4-month doctor appointment today. We are a little behind schedule on the appointments because I scheduled Sandy's 2-year appointment with one of Abby's and it's thrown Abby's schedule off ever since.

She is 15 pounds 11 ounces, which is 82nd percentile for weight! She is also 92nd percentile for height. Dr. Baar said everything looks good, including her head which at her 2-month appointment was developing a slight flat spot on one side. Dr. Baar encouraged me to cut out the night feedings so we'll start working on that. Abby isn't rolling yet, but the doctor wasn't concerned and said it is normal for rolling to take a little longer, especially when they are a little chubbier.

She is such a happy baby. If someone bigger than me woke me up in the morning by sitting on me, I would wake up screaming. But Abby wakes up happy every morning even though most mornings this is what wakes her up:

I love that Abby and Sandy are such good friends. Although, Sandy's latest thing is coming in and complaining that "Abby hit/pinched/kicked/pushed me." Now, Abby doesn't go anywhere. So in order for her to do anything to Sandy, Sandy has to be practically on top of her.

But this has led to my latest parenting breakthrough! I've found that if I give Sandy a hug or a kiss she will go back to play and I don't need to say or do anything more. So I've been trying that out in other situations and finding that it works. I mean, obviously, something needs to be done if there is biting or someone is seriously hurt. But if the little complaints at playdates, Primary, etc. can be solved with a hug or a kiss -- and no need to try to go mediate --this makes my job much easier!

Abby loves her dad:

Here's a picture of Sandy with some roll dough. We made homemade rolls the other day while Abby napped. It kept Sandy entertained for like 45 minutes, which is a long time for a 2-year-old!!

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K and M said...

I've learned the same thing - how effective a hug without words can be! I will often take the child onto my lap, say "I'm sorry," give a tight hug and then ask, "are you better now?" and almost always, the answer is yes, and they run off to play again. If only all my problems could be solved so easily.

That cracks me up, though, that Sandy gets beaten up by an immobile infant! :) She better watch out when Abby actually starts walking around.

By the way, I laughed out loud at the picture of Sandy dressed up! So adorable.