Sunday, September 5, 2010

Family Pictures & Party

What I wanted most for my birthday was family pictures! Luckily, my parents came into town and my dad was able to take them for us!

I'd love to hear your comments about which family photo you like best. I haven't decided which ones to print yet.

I am thinking about using this one on our Christmas card. I love the vintage color effect.

We went to Memory Grove Park here in Salt Lake City and I was happy with all the little areas we found to take pictures.

The girls got bored of taking photos pretty quickly!

Thanks for taking the pictures, Dad! I love them!

We also got shots of Bill with Sandy...

...and with Abby!

And me with Sandy

And Abby!

Loved this shot of Sandy checking out the water fountain. Doesn't she look like a budding ballerina?

Also loved this shot of Abby -- you can see her pink toes. I painted Sandy's toes the other day and she insisted that Abby needed pink toes, too!

That evening we had a party for Abby's baby blessing. We were really happy with how the party-the-night-before turned out. It was fun to see everyone and easy because we had all day Saturday to get ready and I could order pizza! It made Sunday a pleasant, reverent day.

Here is a shot of me and Abby at the party.

It was also my 30th birthday. My parents brought a cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. It was a nice birthday. I should probably have some philosophical thoughts on turning 30, but I really don't. I didn't dread the birthday -- I have two beautiful children and feel like 30 is about the right age for me. My mom and I talked about her 30th birthday - which, of course, I remember because I was 9 years old!

It was a wonderful day! Thanks to everyone that came!

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Heather said...

Happy Birthday! What great pictures! I like the vintage effect too...very cool. My favorite pose I think is the one above it. I love the ballerina skirts too so pretty! Glad you had a good party! love ya.