Friday, June 26, 2009

Bee Sting and First Step

Sandy's new favorite fruit is watermelon. We went outside for a few minutes and she still had some watermelon juices on her shirt. The juices must have attracted a bee because she started crying and I found a dead bee in the bucket she was playing with. Her finger swelled to double its size almost immediately. After some Tylenol and a paste of meat tenderizer and water she was feeling much better. I'm glad she didn't have an allergic reaction.

Sandy also took her first step today. Bill and I were both sitting in the living room watching. Sandy was holding on to Sage and walking when Sage ran to see something at the door. Instead of falling down like she usually does, Sandy took a step before grabbing onto the windowsill.


Kath said...

She will be running before you know it!

Megan said...

Thanks, Kathleen, I don't know whether to be excited about that or nervous!