Monday, June 29, 2009


Sandy has a new word.


She says it very emphatically when she doesn't want to go into her crib or doesn't want the food I'm offering her.

She also tells herself no. Yesterday she was sitting in front of the CPU as Bill was working on the computer. She held her finger up to the power button and was telling herself, "no, no, no" as she shook her head. She did press the button, but Bill has now rigged it so the power button doesn't turn the computer off. (After some very unpleasant experiences of her turning off the computer and us losing work.)

I have been really conscious of the times when I tell her no because I was hoping to postpone this day. I try to give her specific instructions instead of saying no. When I do need to say no, I try to say "No, thank you."

Ah, well, at least she is better able to communicate with us.


TheIcePixy said...

Yeah, I remember dreading the day Lilly learned that word, but she actually is pretty good most of the time. She does tell her self not to do things though. I think it's funny how kids will do that. She'll climb up on the table for example, the whole time saying to herself. "Don't get on the table. No, no, no." It's like they think if they tells themselves 'no', that it justifies doing it anyway.

Megan said...

That's great Lily tells herself no, too. I guess that means they listen when we are telling them not to do things. I almost feel like Sandy's trying to resist the temptation but then gives in.