Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy Sunday

We went to Stake Conference yesterday. Since it was widely known that a new Stake President was being called, we arrived 30 minutes early in hopes of getting a good seat. Ten minutes early would have been sufficient.

Bill and I alternated sitting in the pew and taking Sandy outside, hoping to wear her out before Stake Conference started. She loves stairs and goes up them really well. She's still learning how to go down.

It was an excellent meeting and I actually got to listen to most of it thanks to a girl behind us that entertained Sandy for the first half hour. Sandy slept through the rest of the meeting which was a small miracle because she never sleeps during Sacrament Meeting.

My favorite quote was one that Elder Samuel Clark of the Seventy shared: "The Lord doesn't ask about our ability only our availability and if we will show forth our dependability he will take care of our capability."

I was sad to see our Stake President released. We hadn't been in the ward 6 months before he would greet Bill and I by name at stake meetings. I was so impressed that he knew Bill and I when we didn't have stake callings and there wasn't any particular reason for him to know us. I know he cared for the members of our stake and was very aware of them.

I'm excited to get to know our new Stake President. He was the bishop of one of the other wards in our stake and I've seen him a couple of times at Stake Primary things and been impressed by him.

Sunday evening we went to Bill's parents' house. Bill's cousin Rob is in town with his family and so the Buhler clan congregated to visit with them. Here is Bill's cousin Rob with his daughter, Ainsley.

Here is a picture of Sandy and Ainsley getting acquainted. Ainsley is being held by her mother, Sarah. Bill's sister Julie is next to her. Doesn't Julie have that pregnancy glow? I'm excited to meet a new niece or nephew in December.

Sandy loves visiting family, especially when she is the center of attention.

Bill's cousin, Maria, loves babies and always gives Sandy lots of attention!


Heather said...

I love the expression on Sandy's face in the picture with her and Maria. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

That "-ility" quote originated from Neal A. Maxwell, if you didn't know.

Megan said...

Thanks, Heather! Thanks, Eric, I didn't know who the quote was from.

Kelsie said...

Sandy sure looked cute in those pictures! I love those shoes on her!

Megan said...

Thanks, Kelsie!