Friday, May 31, 2013

May Recap

I made a cheesecake and  fruit plate for the YM/YW fundraiser:

_2013-05-04 17.06.51 _2013-05-04 17.07.03   


Abby turned 3!



We got a fish tank:

_2013-05-15 08.16.27


The girls have been begging for a pet. I finally agreed we could go get a container and they could keep a snail:_2013-05-28 13.19.43


I had something like this in mind, but I made the mistake of bringing Bill with us and we came home with a fish tank – complete with heater, bubbler, and castle:

_2013-05-08 13.17.05


The girls had a lemonade stand:

_2013-05-14 14.32.38 

And now I understand why my mom always said no when we asked to sell lemonade. (you can see our new van behind them)


Found out we are having a baby boy!!



Abby wrapped herself in saran wrap. (I was making 3 dozen candy leis for Sandy’s preschool graduation).

_2013-05-18 10.25.09 


Sandy graduated from preschool:



And a random picture of Abby with her favorite pink, sparkly shoes:

_2013-05-27 12.40.40

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