Friday, May 24, 2013

Sandy’s Preschool Graduation



The kids did a little program to show us things they’ve learned this year. This was their song about firemen:



They came up one at a time to get their diplomas:

_IMG_7723 _IMG_7727


As each kid walked up to get their diploma, they introduced them and shared some things about them. This was what they said about Sandy:


“Next we will meet Sandra Buhler. Sandy likes to plant flowers at home. She says her favorite activity at preschool is coloring pictures of trees. Sandra is hoping to be a cowgirl when she grows up. She likes to come to preschool with her shoes on the wrong feet. Sandy loves to surprise Miss Celeste with beautiful homemade gifts that she and her mother make.”


Here’s a picture of Sandy with her teacher, Miss Celeste.



Sandy’s holding the photo album her teacher made. She made one for each of the kids with pictures from the school year:

_2013-05-23 14.05.42

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