Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Abby!

We started out the morning with our traditional birthday pancakes:





Then we had a small party, complete with a Dora pinata:

_IMG_7657 _IMG_7652_IMG_7692


Grandma and Grandpa came for cupcakes and ice cream:

_IMG_7694 _IMG_7701 



Happy Birthday, Abby!


A few things about Abby at this age:


1.” That makes me so happy!”

Abby says this several times a day. Because her sister shared with her, because she got the pink plate for lunch, because she is wearing two pairs of panties (at least that was her response the other day when I asked her why she was wearing two pairs of panties). It doesn’t take much to make this little girl very happy.


2. “That is not acceptable.”

This is another thing she says a lot , I couldn’t figure out where she was getting it from until I heard myself say it. Check out past blog posts for some of her spectacular messes and you might understand why. The other night she came out of her bedroom and said, “There is a fly in my room. That is not acceptable. Daddy, can you get your gun and shoot it"?”


3. She loves to be a kitty.

Abby’s favorite game is playing kitties. I frequently have a little girl climbing under tables, pawing at my leg, and meowing. Ironically, she is allergic to cats (as am I) and she knows it. We saw a black cat the other day while on a walk and Abby said, “That cat is allergic to me!” and refused to pet it.


4. “You are the bestest (insert sister, mom, dad, friend) ever!”

Another thing we hear a lot at our house. Anytime someone does something nice for Abby, this is her typical reply.


5. She’s learned her letters/counting/etc. along with Sandy and she’s quite good.

It does lead to some interesting response sometimes. Although she does know how to spell Abby, her most likely response to being asked how to spell her name is S-A-N-D-Y.


6. A few of her favorites:

Her favorite color is pink, her favorite TV shows are Dora and Phineas and Ferb. She loves to play princesses and dress up but she also loves trucks and cars and balls. She loves to eat yogurt, cheese, and apples.


7. She has very sensitive ears.

For such a loud child (and believe me, this child does not stop making noise ever), she has very sensitive ears. She plugs her ears for loud noises – like the vacuum or the toilet flushing. She can’t stand other people making loud noises. She even complains when people are laughing that it hurts her ears.


8. She loves her blankets and stuffed animals.

Before she can go to sleep, she has to have her special blanket and several of her favorite stuffed animals lined up next to her. She also needs a special water cup. And if she gets up in the middle of the night, she needs to bring all of it with her. She will occasionally try to crawl into my bed in the middle of the night and bring multiple loads of stuff with her.


9. She loves babies and is very excited to be a big sister.

Her prayers these day, go something like this: “Thank you for my mom. Thank you for my dad. Thank you for me sister. Thank you for me! Thank you for my baby brother. Thank you for the doctors that will help him come out of mommy’s tummy. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”


10. Feisty is the main adjective people use to describe her after subbing in nursery.

Our nursery has been pretty inconsistent with leaders and there are frequently substitutes. Abby likes to follow a schedule and is quick to correct them if they aren’t doing the “right” things in the “right” order. She’s also quick to assert herself if she feels like another kid is taking her stuff or pushing her around. We’re working on that, and as she’s getting older and learning to use her words more than pushing or hitting, it’s getting better. I hope she never stops being feisty, though, because it is such a big part of her personality!

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