Friday, June 21, 2013


I’m finally getting around to cleaning the pictures off the camera and my phone so I can update this blog. Here’s a few pictures from earlier in June:


We went to a summer kickoff party at the library. Some police officers were there letting the kids climb on their motorcycles:

_2013-06-01 12.38.41 


Our Stake had a Family Fun Day. The girls got their faces painted like kitties:

_2013-06-07 19.16.08  _2013-06-07 19.20.44


The girls are taking a dance class. The dance class was Abby’s motivation to become potty trained.

_IMG_7792edited _IMG_7793edited _IMG_7799edited


We got the Pass of all Passes this year and have had a blast trying out different things. We went to Planet Play the other day, though, and Abby got clocked in the head with a miniature golf club:

_2013-06-15 16.48.05


Apparently the mess phase still isn’t over at our house:

_2013-06-21 07.55.54

Abby got into the vaseline, when I found her she said, “Sorry I made a mess, mommy.” As I tried to talk to her about being a big girl now and not making any more messes, she said, “Okay, mommy. When I’m 4, I won’t make any more messes.”

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