Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Recap

We went to Bill’s mission reunion:



Bill & I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.



We went out to breakfast at Penny Ann’s Cafe. Check out the hot chocolate they brought me:

_2013-04-06 08.38.34 


We played with lots of play dough. Kind of random, but as I dug through the pictures on my phone from April almost half of them were of different play dough creations.

_2013-04-16 13.00.50

Abby made some spectacular messes. A last ditch effort to ensure the terrible twos are memorable?


Liquid eye shadow makes great war paint, don’t you think?

_2013-04-26 19.23.16

Bill normally makes the girls breakfast on Saturday mornings. This particular Saturday morning Abby woke us up at 6 by jumping on our bed and saying, “The sun is up! The sun is up! I want scrambled eggs for breakfast.” We both rolled over, waiting to see who would cave first and get up with her. After a few minutes, I got up and went into the kitchen to find this:

_2013-04-27 07.47.22

She had very carefully cracked eggs for her scrambled eggs. She just forgot a bowl.


And there was the day I came into the bathroom to find this:

_2013-04-29 18.45.41

She cut her bangs completely off:

_2013-04-29 18.46.05

Good things she’s so adorable when she’s sleeping:

_2013-04-30 19.00.36

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