Monday, May 21, 2012



Yesterday we drove to southern Utah to see an annular eclipse. Bill took the pictures above, it took about an hour.

We watched with some friends and had a great view from their front yard! The kids watched from the truck bed and had a blast.



We used special solar eclipse viewing glasses and Bill used a filter on his camera, which is why the sky looks dark in his pictures. I was surprised to see that the sky didn’t actually get dark. In fact, if I hadn’t known there was an eclipse, I don’t think I would have even noticed anything had happened.

We also watched the eclipse through a pinhole viewer. The white dot in the center shows what is happening to the sun.



One other cool thing: the shadows. This is Brooke standing in front of the house, can you see the eclipse in her shadow (you might have to click on it to make the picture bigger).



And lots of eclipse shadows projected on the house.



All in all it was a fun trip, I’m glad we went even if it did mean 9 hours of driving in one day.

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Heather said...

Those are some awesome photos! We saw the eclipse yesterday but we didn't have to prepare to see it. They had a ward FHE at the church and right as we were leaving all of these youth were staring at the sun. I looked up and then looked away and could see it burned in my retina... not one of my more intelligent moments. ;) Then a young man showed us that if we made a pinhole with our fingers we could see it. Very cool We had planned on going to one of the national parks but Vivian was home sick with Jared with a stomach bug so we nixed that idea. I'm glad you got some neat photos so I could see the effects!