Thursday, June 21, 2012

Abby’s Messes

Sandy made plenty of messes when she was two. Abby has kept up with her sister, but I don’t know if I’m as good at documenting them.

Mommy’s mascara:

_2012-06-10 09.58.41


But her latest mess is the biggest one either girl has ever made.

We have been remodeling and it has been a mess.

_2012-06-13 20.32.43


But we finally got the room done and painted. We stayed up most of the night to do it and one of the rollers got left out. The next morning I sat down for a minute and feel asleep (couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes). I woke up to a thumping sound and went out to find this:

_2012-06-21 08.51.47


Here’s a close up. I guess Abby decided we needed a newly painted floor to go with our newly painted walls.

_2012-06-21 08.51.29


And while she was at it, she painted the hallway.

_2012-06-21 08.51.16


And the kitchen.

_2012-06-21 08.51.36


Amazingly, we did get it all cleaned up. Of course, it did take 2 hours.

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