Monday, December 31, 2012

Arizona Trip

We went to Arizona for Christmas. We got to see lots of family and that was a lot of fun. Sandy getting carsick both ways and Bill’s job stress that delayed our departure and kept him busy most of the time were there was not so much fun.


2012-12-23 10.43.32 The only picture I took on the drive to Arizona. We were driving through the Indian Reservation and I looked back to see that Abby had added some war paint.

Bill hooked up an amazing system in the car--several movies stored on a laptop which then functioned as a wireless server that the Nooks could talk to. The girls could each watch their own show, with headphones. It really made the drive easier.


Here are some pictures from the Phoenix Zoo:

_IMG_6956 _IMG_6958 _IMG_6962 _IMG_6971 _IMG_6982 _IMG_6990


We also saw the lights at the Mesa Temple. Amazing!



Christmas morning the girls found stockings in the car.

_IMG_7017 _IMG_7020


We had planned to spend Christmas morning with my family and Christmas afternoon with Bill’s sister and her family (we also stayed at their house on the trip), but Sandy started throwing up again and we made a hurried departure. Dealing with vomit is not my strongpoint as a mother, dealing with it while traveling kind of pushes me over the edge.


Heather made the most adorable princess dress ups for the girls. They were so excited. I need to get a picture of them wearing them, shouldn’t be hard since they wear them a lot.

_IMG_7031 _IMG_7038



We have gotten many helpful suggestions for dealing with car sickness. Next roadtrip we will have to remember them – particularly giving Sandy chewable dramamine before we leave and disposable barf bags.

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