Friday, November 30, 2012

Goal Update

Remember my list of goals?


Here is my mother’s bracelet (#22).



And our family scripture study solution (#5).


Each morning the girls pick a picture from the Gospel Art Picture Book. We read the story from the scriptures (sometimes this requires some creative abbreviating depending on how long it it). Then we pick one short scripture (usually not even a full verse) to repeat.



The picture stays on this little ledge in the kitchen until we pick a new picture the next morning.

This seems to be working really well for our family at this stage. The girls are excited enough about picking the picture that they remind us if we forget. I’ve really noticed a difference in our home since we’ve started this.


I’ll leave you with a picture of Sandy. This is an art project from preschool. I’m so glad that she goes to preschool where they do art projects that I would never do. (colored corn syrup, what a mess, but it sure is pretty and she is very proud of it!)




And some pictures from today:

_IMG_6851 _IMG_6855

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