Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Friday night we had a ward Halloween party/Trunk or Treat. Bill and I were both running around all night and didn't get many pictures. Bill did take this lovely one of a grumpy Sandy.

Bill dressed up as the Man in the Yellow Hat, Sandy was a monkey. This is the only picture we got of the two of them together.

We did our traditional hot dogs/hot chocolate in the driveway and the missionaries stopped by, too. When I lived in Kentucky, we had a neighbor that would cook hot dogs in the driveway for all the trick or treaters and their parents. I thought it was a very fun tradition and have really enjoyed carrying it out in our neighborhood. We handed out 64 hot dogs this Halloween, and ran out of buns about 8:15.

Poor Abby always seemed to be sleeping or something and we didn't get any pictures of her in her giraffe costume this weekend. Here are a couple of shots of her today.


K and M said...

Happy Birthday Bill! Hope it was a great one. I always knew you're a great guy, but it's fun to read the details. And if we're ever in Utah on Halloween, we're going to have to make a stop at your house - hotdogs to trick-or-treaters! That's so cool. Did any parents refuse to let their kids have some because they weren't pre-packaged?

K and M said...

Forgot to ask - what's with the blue pancakes?

Heather said...

I don't know how I missed this post! Very cute idea with the man in the yellow hat and a monkey. I've always loved your tradition with the hot dogs. I was missing it this year especially. Your girls are getting so big. Abby is starting to look like me :D (I'm kidding a little).