Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Royal Ball

Sandy and Bill went on a daddy-daughter date to a Royal Ball, a fundraiser for a little girl in our stake with cerebral palsy.

Here is Abby watching them get ready:

Sandy is ready to go:

Bill and Sandy before they left:

Princess Amerah sang, read a book, and danced with the kids.
Sandy was always close by.

Sandy got a butterfly painted on her face:

Bill and Sandy had a fantastic time! And the ball raised $2500 to pay for treatments for Maggie!

BookItPhoto was there taking photos and said they'd make photos from the event downloadable for free. I'm excited to see the shots they got of Sandy - Bill said the photographers did an excellent job getting her to pose. I don't know when they'll be up, a week or two probably.

Bill took some pictures. The lighting was really bad, but the ones that turned out are here.


TheIcePixy said...

How cool that they got to do that! The pictures are great! And it is so sweet that Bill took Sandy on a Daddy daughter date. :}

Heather said...

That is awesome! What a great fundraiser. The "Princess" is the sister of a good friend of mine and used to hang around when we would be working on school projects and scrapbooking together. She's a darling girl. Sandy looks so cute and I love the butterfly. So fun!

Andrea said...

That is great that they were able to go. :) It looks like she had fun. I have meet Maggie and her mom and younger sibling through a program that we both go to. I a glad to see that it raised that much money for her.