Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

It's my Dad's birthday today! We just talked to him over Skype, but I wish we could be there to celebrate with him.

We took pictures this morning on our way out the door for church:

This last one is just Sandy loving Abby, but you can see her pigtails in it.

I used to think this would be the perfect way to get regular pictures of kids. Just line them up and take their picture before church; they are already dressed up! That was before I had kids and experienced getting two kids up and ready for church while Bill is at early morning meetings. We are doing good to get to church without adding anything else!


Jaydene said...

Hi Megan, These pictures are priceless. I'm amazed that you can get so much done with these busy, dear little ones and all the other things you have going. You are are simply awesome!!! Thank you for sharing.

TheIcePixy said...

Such cute pictures! I love them all!